Smarter file sharing with Dropbox. Available for Mac.



You’ve tried everything for sharing your files: from email to snail mail. If you’ve used Dropbox before, you can probably agree that it has some powerful sharing features, but why stop there? Fileup takes Dropbox’s powerful sharing features into one app and makes it easier -- not to mention smarter -- to share files than ever before.

Fileup features:

  • Upload your files to any directory in your Dropbox
  • Includes smart filters to upload files to different directories in your Dropbox based on their extension
  • Modifier keys to alter the app’s behavior when a specific key is held and files are dragged to the menu bar icon
  • Various options to allow smarter re-naming of uploaded files -- or just use the original name!
  • Remembers up to the 100 most recent uploads in its history window
  • Option to upload various files as a single zip file
  • Integration with Notification Center to easily copy any shared file’s link to your clipboard by simply clicking it